Rooted Group Ministries

Small Group Ministries at Hinsdale Covenant


What is a Rooted Group?

Rooted Groups is the name of the small group ministries at Hinsdale Covenant. Small groups range in size, but are typically 4 couples who commit to gather together to study God’s Word in community on a regular basis. In order to flourish together in Jesus Christ, we need to be deepening roots. We find that nourishment and sustenance in God’s Word with one another.

How do I join a Rooted Group?

Pastor Simon Guevara, Associate Pastor of Congregational Life, leads the Rooted Group ministries. If you are interested in connecting with a Rooted Group, contact Pastor Simon at

How do I start a new Rooted Group?

Also, if you are member of our church and would like to explore leading or hosting a new Rooted Group, please make an appointment to meet with Pastor Simon at