Our Leadership Team

Our Council serves as the leadership team for Hinsdale Covenant Church. It is comprised of four officers, seven ministry team leaders, and three at-large members.

Council Officers:

Pete Kisluk, Chair

Paul Jepsen, Vice Chair

Kerry Jantzen, Treasurer

Ann Wiesbrock, Secretary

Ministry Team Leaders:

Bill Leonhard, Administration

The purpose of the administration team is to lead the administrative ministries of the church by providing for and overseeing all financial and legal matters, managing the church’s properties, and supporting the church office.

Karen Fiascone, Caring

The purpose of the caring team is to provide compassionate support to our congregation through various acts of caring including meals ministry, memorial luncheons, our benevolence ministry, cards ministry, and prayer ministry.

Paul Brush, Outreach

The purpose of the outreach team is to make the gospel known and pursuing the mission of the church throughout the world. Responsibilities include: Evangelism, mission trips, local outreach, ministry partnerships, missionary support.

Annette Burlet, Worship

The purpose of the worship team is to lead the worship ministries of the church. Responsibilities include: Chancel Choir, Traditional and contemporary worship, Audio/Visual Ministries.

Sue Dressler, Fellowship

The purpose of the fellowship team is to lead the fellowship ministries of the church, welcoming visitors and members, bringing all into community, and facilitating small groups.

Amy Alex, Education

The purpose of the education team is to lead the education and spiritual development of the church, providing Bible-based learning for all ages.

Jen Cousino, Preschool

The purpose of the preschool team is to care for Hinsdale Covenant Preschool and serve as a bridge between the council and our preschool.

At-Large Members:

Michelle Buchanan

Bob Wilkemeyer

Martha Morey

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