The Greenhouse Initiative


Honoring the Past, Preparing for the Future

We are excited to announce a new initiative at Hinsdale Covenant, the ‘Greenhouse Initiative’. Just as a greenhouse creates the optimal conditions for growth, we want to cultivate spiritual growth through our facilities and programs.


Our mission at Hinsdale Covenant Church is to be flourishing together in Jesus Christ by growing, deepening roots, and bearing fruit. The ‘Greenhouse Initiative’ fits into the larger mission statement of our church under our desire to be growing in Christ. We have identified our Sunday morning worship experience as the primary place in our program to cultivate growth. It is the highly visible entry point in our ministry, supporting movement deeper in rootedness and outward in fruit bearing. The initiative involves three phases: sanctuary renovation, Sunday service evaluation, and increased connection.

The Greenhouse Initiative would happen in three phases:

Phase 1: Sanctuary Renovation

A more functional worship space will enhance our growing process in Sunday morning worship. We plan to be stewards of one of our greatest assets by updating our existing sanctuary so that it can be a space for everyone to grow. We want to honor the past and prepare for the future.

Phase 2: Sunday Services

Once we have addressed our worship space, we will reassess our Sunday morning schedule with a desire to bring all of our worship services into the renovated sanctuary. We will evaluate our worship times and commensurate programming. 

Phase 3: Increased Connection

As our church grows and changes, we want to be more intentional about how we connect with one another. A common space will help but we want to increase connectivity further through a unified worship experience for all services and an increased focus on intergenerational relationships.



See a visual representation of the proposed plans:

Listen to Pastor Lars explaining the Greenhouse Initiative:


Proposed Project Budget

Proposed Floorplan

Mid Year Meeting Letter (Motion Enclosed)

Greenhouse Initiative Phase One: Vision for Sanctuary Renovation

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