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October 2018 Covenant News (Announcements) (PDF Download)


The Chopda Church, Hindustani Covenant Church in India, started with 20 families in 2005 and now has a membership of over 1,700. Whereas the needs in Chopda are many, we wish to focus on the expansion of the church and the beginning of a school. With the exponential growth of the body, Hindustani Covenant Church needs to find new land and construct a bigger church to accommodate the growth. In addition, due to high illiteracy, the children of the Pawara Tribe are trapped in a cycle of poverty and thus the need to provide formal education. It’s our desire to partner with Hindustani Covenant in this project. Join us for an informational meeting in the Upper Room after each worship service on Sunday, October 7.

Contact Yogi Mahendra or Pastor Lars.
Chopka Church Partnership Video

Thirty Below

Next meeting: October 28 after second Service

Thirty Below is a gathering of young adults (post-college to age 30) to grow in faith, experience Christian community, and walk together in our journeys with Jesus. We have have informal gatherings 2-4 times a semester for fellowship, prayer, and learning led by Pastor Joy.  If you’re seeking deeper community, we also encourage you to join a Rooted Group!

Sunday October 28, 11:30 am
Meet in the Narthex after church.


Sunday, October 28, 11:45 AM
4th Street Parsonage

Are you new to Hinsdale Covenant Church in the last 3 months? If so, then we’d love to have you stay for lunch to talk with Pastor Lars and hear more about our church. Beginning this fall, on the last Sunday of every month people who are new to HCC are invited to our Newcomer Lunch at the 4th street parsonage (located just west of church at 18 E. 4th St.). Join us the last Sunday or each month at 11:45 a.m. for a light lunch and conversation. 


Have you wondered what it means to become a member within the Evangelical Covenant Church? Spend time with the pastors of our church exploring and reflecting on the mission of God, the mission of the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination, the mission of Hinsdale Covenant, and the mission of each member of our church. Join us for one of two sessions, either Wednesday, October 10 at 7-9 pm or Sunday, October 14 at 3-5pm.

Questions? Contact lars@hinsdalecovenant.com

Exploring Covenant Affirmations

October 14 – November 4, 9:15 & 10:30 AM

The Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) is a historic denomination, rooted in the apostolic, catholic, reformed, and evangelical traditions. Our theology centers on six affirmations, which we’ll be exploring in these four sessions. If you never heard of the ECC before or were born-and-raised with us, we welcome you for learning and conversation!

Social Media and Spiritual Disciplines

Wednesday October  17, 7 PM

No one can deny that social media has permeated our world. How, as Christians, do we participate in Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter? Join pastors Joy, Lars, and Simon as they share their own diverse practices related to social media and teach spiritual disciplines that can guide you in discernment about your own online presence.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a ministry of listening, discernment, and prayer in a confidential setting of encouragement and compassion. Through this ministry one discerns the presence and work of God’s Spirit with a companion who sets aside the concerns of their own life to attend to the experience of God in the life of another. We are fortunate to have two Spiritual Directors that sets aside one day each month to meet with members of our church family. As a gift to you, church will pay for your first session so you can try it out (made possible by a generous gift to the church Memorial Fund). After your complimentary session, we ask that you pay at least half the cost of the session fee as you are able (full cost is $50, half is $25). We hope you are deeply blessed by your time in Spiritual Direction.

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A time for connection and manly man fun for Dads and their boys:
Hiking, archery, ropes course, food, games, songs, campfires, Jesus, tons of fun.
Sign up in church Garden Court.


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Each Sunday morning, one or more families takes a turn hosting coffee. Hosting has never been easier, thanks to Kirsten’s Bakery, who generously provides treats. If you are new to hosting, you may request to have someone show you the ropes on Sunday morning.

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